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If you are interested to take lessons with me, send me a mail or call me on the phone. And we'll hook something up.

Meanwhile here´s a bunch of PDF lessons I´ve been working on. Most of them have previously been posted at 

Feel free to use them and if you have any suggestions, comments or requests, just drop me an email and I´ll see what I can do about it.

Write a bluestune.

Here´s a little template you can use to make your students(or you) write a blues tune pretty easy. You can choose to just use the bluesscale at the bottom of the template, or/and use the chordtones, to write you melodies. When I use it with my younger students, I tell them to make up the melody, try write it down, but more important -be able to play your melody. And then I help them write it down, and at the same time suggest changes if needed. SO without further ado, go compose.

Download (PDF, Unknown)


Learn how to solo using only chordtones.

Download (PDF, Unknown)


Once you´ve got the chordtones down, use chromatics on them.


Download (PDF, 29KB)

Here´s a pretty easy way to get around on Giants Steps.

Download (PDF, 36KB)