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I recently purchased the Borgani Flexitone ligature, and so far I'm very impressed by it. The response and the evenness is great. It works very well with my Espresso mouthpiece and my Marca reeds. And it looks great.  The ligature is a new-make from the old Selmer ligature. Unfortunately I haven't tried the old Selmer so I have no comparison.


So I promised a review of the American Vintage reed from MARCA. So I´ll try to put some words into writing now.

I´ve found that French file reeds suits me best (on all saxes except tenor), therefore it´s hard for me to really give the reed justice. However, for my tenorsax playing the reed worked really well. It produces a thick sound with a clear attack and, for me, it lasts longer than my French file reeds. I´ve been playing the Jazz reed by MARCA for many years now, and I find it to be the best one for me on alto and soprano. It has a quick response, clear attack and it is very easy to change the timbre to your liking.

So that´s my take on them. Try them and I´m sure you will like them.

Marca American VintageMarca Jazz